Bitcoin NFL Survivor Pools are Here

NFL Survivor Pools are here!

We’re getting excited for the upcoming Football Season and just like the past three years – we are going to make it interesting for all our users by creating a FREE Survivor Pool with a chance to win 1 BTC! All you need to do is pick the winning team each week (no spread involved) and be the last man standing! If you’re looking to raise the stakes and give yourself more chances to win, try out our Paid Survivor Pools with entries of 50 mbtc and 100 mbtc each!¬†l

New Sportsbook Update

As most have now seen, we’ve begun rolling out our new Bitcoin Sportsbook, and feedback has so far been very positive. Over the course of the next week, we’re going to continue rolling out some new features – including the ability to do “free bets“! Since we have US Football on our mind, go ahead and check out the Preseason and Week 1 Options which are live in the BitcoinRush Sportsbook now!

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