Bitcoin Rush – A Complete Bitcoin Casino Experience

Introduced by the team of, Bitcoin Rush is a peer to peer gambling casino which exhibits the company’s efforts in providing clients with a unique opportunity of interesting and engaging bitcoin gaming and sports betting. While there have been numerous bitcoin casinos plummeting lately, casinos like Bitcoin Rush are striving to re-invent the field and make it rewarding for the players. This is why more and more people are flocking toward this engaging platform.

Bitcoin Rush-The Workings

At Bitcoin Rush, players can start a wager from as low as 0.0001 bitcoins, and take it up to 1 bitcoin in a single match. The winning player of a peer to peer match takes all the winnings. Even though the games offered at Bitcoin Rush depend on developing a sound strategy, they still give room for a quick game play to keep the idea of actual gambling rush alive. So, if you are looking for fast paced online gaming, sign in to Bitcoin Rush and enjoy an amazing game that is sure to have your adrenaline pumping! The games offered at Bitcoin Rush include:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker

Bitcoin Rush-The Social Aspect

Bitcoin Rush has a tightly knit community of game players where they interact and communicate on daily basis. Every player is given an opportunity to reflect their personality by customizing their profiles and choosing avatars. Furthermore, an option of lobby chat is also provided to players, along with a messaging and ranking system, which exhibits the most prolific of players. In addition to these useful features, Bitcoin Rush strives to keep the players hooked to games by offering monthly and weekly bonuses and promotional offers.

Bitcoin Rush-Free Game Play

Bitcoin Rush provides the unique opportunity of earning bitcoins without having to deposit any additional bitcoins. This free game play option is available to all the players, as it allows the players to challenge bots to win 0.1 mBTC. Developers are working to make this option an ad-based offer in the future, which will enhance its features even further.

At Bitcoin Rush, you hone your strategy development skills, and learn how to take charge and control over matters. Just like any other game, it pays to keep your mind and eyes open in bitcoin gaming. Are you ready for the game? Click here to begin playing on our website.