CasinoBitcoin IVPO on Havelock Investments – Record Sell-Out! underwent it’s IVPO (“Initial Virtual Public Offering”) Tuesday on Havelock Investments, and sold out in less than 3 minutes – a record broken for Havelock.

We listed 3,000,000 units, a 10% float of our company’s total. 

57 buyers successfully got units at IPO. Within a few hours, the # of unit holders had increased to over 150, as lucky early buyers took gains on their purchase. We’re very excited about this, as even the most popular assets in the bitcoin world only have a few hundred holders, at most (example: AsicMiner on Bitfunder currently has 400 holders).

As our liquidity grows, we hope more will be able to share in’s success. Future potential for public units include a possible 5% IPO within 90 days (December 10th), plus the public release of pre-IPO investor shares on the following schedule:

a.   September 16, 2013: 1,125,000 units
b.   December 17, 2013: 750,000 units
c.   March 17, 2014: 2,625,000 units

All told, as many as 9,000,000 public units may exist on Havelock by next March – an exciting prospect for any trader.