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Be the 1st to Post the correct Predictions for both fights:

Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson  
Miesha Tate vs. Rin Nakai

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Hunt-round 1
Hunt-round 2
Hunt–round 3

Hunt–round 4

Hunt-round 5



Nelson-round 1

Nelson-round 2

Nelson-round 3

Nelson-round 4

Nelson-round 5





Tate-round 1

Tate-round 2

Tate-round 3


Nakai-round 1

Nakai-round 2

Nakai-round 3


One Prediction per User/IP/Account! 

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If your forum Activity is less than 50, if you have a suspicious account, you may not be eligible. 
This is to prevent “shill” accounts from abusing the contest

Have at it!