Psychology in Blackjack

Have you ever been sitting a Blackjack table, and wondered if the way the cards fall affects the way people play their next hand?

We did. At our bitcoin Blackjack table, turns out, it does.

Measuring from over 30,000 bitcoin hands, we found players bet roughly 2% more, on average, after a loss.

Most players, myself included, like to occasionally “go-big” – At’s bitcoin casino, about 5% of bets have at least double the stake of their previous hand. They’re also roughly 3x more likely to double their bet after a lost hand – a likely sign of a betting technique called “Martingale“, in which a bettor simply doubles their stake after a lost bet.
Try our Blackjack for free, and see how you play.

Update: Parlays & Suicide Pool Week 3

Parlays are live for NCAAF and NFL. Next in line are MLB, Soccer, NHL, etc! 

-Work on our affiliate program is at the top of our priority list, but the latest focus has been on finalizing parlays and updating reduced juice, which will soon apply to all spreads.

For Suicide Pool : We’re working on a historical view for selections, and will correctly fix the remaining # of players left in the free league as soon as possible. (There are no issues in the paid league.) In the meantime, registration is open and live for Week 3.