A look at 2015

As 2015 closes, everyone here at BitcoinRush.io wants to send our best wishes for a prosperous 2016 to our fantastic players that helped us have a great 2015!

As you know, we went through some dramatic transformations in 2015 – none more critical than our complete rebranding from CasinoBitco.in to BitcoinRush.io with the launch of our new Peer to Peer Multiplayer game Bitcoin Rush. Now, months in the rearview mirror, we are all content with that decision as the impeccable brand and reputation of CasinoBitco.in transferred to BitcoinRush.io. With the transition, our loyal players were rewarded with updated Bitcoin Casino games, a revamped Sportsbook, and most important – daily Promotions and a tier-based loyalty program.

We also wanted to share some other achievements we are most proud of in 2015 with you, our valuable player!

  • In 2015, we had 996 players make a deposit and play in our Sportsbook or Bitcoin Casino
  • Those 996 players played 474,169 total games, wagering 6390.60 btc (~$2.7 million) on BitcoinRush.io
  • We processed 3,381 withdrawals for 3066.5 btc!
  • We gave away 28.521 btc in comps with our automated Comp Program, and Seasonal Giveaways (Squares, Survivor Pool)
  • Last, affiliates earned 6.501 btc by promoting our brand

While we are obviously pleased with how we’ve progressed in 2015, we still have room for improvement and have outlined some New Year’s Resolutions we’d like to share with you, all boiled down to 3 critical areas.

1. Customer Support

We’re proud of our impeccable track record, operating successfully since 2013, but the only mode of support thus far has been through e-mail. In the first quarter of 2016, we will launch a part-time live chat agent on BitcoinRush.io to help answer questions real-time!

2. Promotions

No one in the Bitcoin Gaming industry is giving players daily kickbacks on handle except for us; however, we are going to give even more in 2016 to reward our most loyal players! Expect to see a new monthly Leaderboard Contest and other promotions very early in 2016.

3. Sportsbook 

Easily our biggest area of opportunity is our Sportsbook. You may not have been aware of this, but in 2015 – we had to frantically redo our Sportsbook right after the NFL season as our odds provider drastically cutoff our access with no notice. In 2016 we will spend a significant amount of our development capacity focussed on improving the Sportsbook by adding more markets, events, and options (teasers, cross-sport parlays). As we rollout these new features we will also be offering reduced margins, better than our competition, to bring you back home to BitcoinRush.io!

Again, from the entire staff at BitcoinRush.io we sincerely thank you for your patronage, and look forward to a very promising 2016!

Play for Fun, Win for Real!


BitcoinRush.io – Bitcoin Gambling Market Analysis

Bitcoin Gaming Market Analysis – November 8th, 2013 – by BitcoinRush.io Staff

With our upcoming raise, and recent up-and-down results, we feel this is a good time to clarify our overall expectations for growth and other market share, and why BitcoinRush.io is still a “steal”!

Through in-depth research of both public and private bitcoin gaming data, we’ve been able to make several estimates and forecasts on the market, as it relates to our growth.

Over the coming months, we strongly believe we’ll be able to encourage growth by targeting several areas for improvement, including additional table games,live-in game sports wagering, additional P2P options, better reduced juice, slot & progressive games, referral/affiliate program, additional sportsbook options, VIP/rewards program, and translated versions of our website. We also launched a poll to confirm our thoughts on these items, available here: Link

The purpose of this report is to focus on sportsbook and casino markets, although we are considering exploring development options for “dice”/community-driven players, but need to do more research before investing resources on that effort.

Sportsbook versus Casino

Sportsbook: More centralized market, with roughly 6 sportsbooks possessing roughly 90%+ of market share.

BitcoinRush.io has the potential to be the only top player crossing over between both the bitcoin casino and sportsbook space. We’re confident we’ll crush our sportsbook growth goals with more reduced juice, affiliates launch (~2 weeks), and in-game live betting (4-5 weeks). These results are supported by our recent survey on the bitcointalk forum. We currently posses roughly 2.5%-5% market share in both markets, as reflected for sports below. We plan to achieve similar growth in the more fragmented casino market, which has roughly 2x the market earnings of sports. “Dice” is probably even higher, but remains to be determined.


Most important and difficult to predict is the growth of the bitcoin gaming market. We attempted to do so in the chart above based from a roughly estimated ~10% monthly growth rate, but this number could change or increase dramatically from month to month, as we’ve seen with the popularity of bitcoin lately.  Below are some rough estimates of bitcoin sportsbooks handle compared to the larger market, to illustrate the opportunity in the space:

  • Sports wagering as a whole: $1 trillion annual

  • Online sportsbooks: $100 billion annual (10% of all)

  • Nevada sportsbooks: $3.45 billion (3.45% of online)

  • Bitcoin handle: $100 million (2.9% of Nevada sportsbooks)

Below are tables showing Bitcoins earned and on annual basis, illustrate revenue per share, based on buy-in price. This forms the pool we can use for company, expenses, re-investment and dividends.

Today – Annual BTC versus annual EPS% based on market share & CBTC price

Market Share/CBTC Price




















July 2014 (estimate):

Market Share/CBTC Price




















What’s next?

We hope this analysis exemplifies the great potential BitcoinRush.io and bitcoin gaming posses, with some generalized market and growth estimates. Even the conservative estimate of 5% market share represents an excellent opportunity, but our expectations are much higher. .

Questions or inquiries regarding CBTC on HavelockInvestments.com or BitcoinRush.io are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

We’ll be releasing additional shares at a very reasonable valuation over the coming weeks, starting Monday, November 11th at a price to be determined – stay tuned on our HavelockInvestments.com CBTC “Updates” tab for details: Link

**Monday offering price is subject to change based on the BTC price on 11/11. An update will be communicated early in the morning if the asking price has changed.

A big thank you goes out to our current investing community. We appreciate the great patience and support you’ve provided on this exciting journey so far!

CasinoBitcoin IVPO on Havelock Investments – Record Sell-Out!

BitcoinRush.io underwent it’s IVPO (“Initial Virtual Public Offering”) Tuesday on Havelock Investments, and sold out in less than 3 minutes – a record broken for Havelock.

We listed 3,000,000 units, a 10% float of our company’s total. 

57 buyers successfully got units at IPO. Within a few hours, the # of unit holders had increased to over 150, as lucky early buyers took gains on their purchase. We’re very excited about this, as even the most popular assets in the bitcoin world only have a few hundred holders, at most (example: AsicMiner on Bitfunder currently has 400 holders).

As our liquidity grows, we hope more will be able to share in BitcoinRush.io’s success. Future potential for public units include a possible 5% IPO within 90 days (December 10th), plus the public release of pre-IPO investor shares on the following schedule:

a.   September 16, 2013: 1,125,000 units
b.   December 17, 2013: 750,000 units
c.   March 17, 2014: 2,625,000 units

All told, as many as 9,000,000 public units may exist on Havelock by next March – an exciting prospect for any trader.