NFL Suicide League Update – Nov 10th

In the free league, everyone is on the Titans – so if they lose, that means everyone still moves onto the next week.

In the paid league, we have 2 players on the Giants and 1 player on the Titans – if both teams lose, everyone will still move onto the next week.

Week 5 Suicide results & sportsbook statistics!

Things are growing fast here at – We truly appreciate our players, and want to be the #1 best place bet your hard-earned bitcoins – your support and feedback makes that possible!

Suicide League

In our suicide leagues, with the loss of the Falcons, ChalupaBatman becomes the winner of the .25 btc / 2.5 btc guaranteed bitcoin survivor league! Congrats!

5 players were also knocked out of our free league, and 2 out of our .5, 5 btc-guaranteed league, leaving 8 and 3 players left, respectively.

Good luck to those left as the game gets intense!


We also thought we’d share some details from our expanding sportsbook.

-Since the recent launch of parlays, we’ve had 86 parlay wagers already – and 22 of those tickets were winners.

-Between spread favorites and dogs, we’ve 56.28% of players have taken the favorite – no surprises here. However, bucking the trend of the public taking the over, only 44.48% of our wagers on totals have been on the over.

Stay tuned for more #’s to come – as well as our exciting new Hi/Lo game, entering the final stages of development!



Update – Suicide pool historical team selections is live!

Team selection for Week 3 closes at 8 PM EDT 9/19/13.

20 Teams left in Free 5 BTC League
4 Teams left in 2.5 BTC guaranteed “Small” league
5 Teams left in 5 BTC guaranteed “Big” league

Also, users can review previous selections by logging into, clicking Suicide Pool, then hitting the green button to view historical selections, which will include all previous weeks (but, not the current week – until team selection is closed).

We’re considering a round-2 mid-season game, if there’s enough interest!