Important Service Announcement

As part of our Bug Bounty Program, we were recently notified of an exploit in the third party software “phplists” which was running on the bitcoin casino servers for outbound marketing purposes.

While we store absolutely no Bitcoins on our server, and all user information in our database is encrypted, we are forcing all users to change their password upon their next login –  simply out of an abundance of caution.  Regarding this specific incident, once our team was alerted of this exploit we conducted a very thorough investigation. This included combing the server logs for the past several weeks. Fortunately, we currently have no reason to believe any user’s account was compromised.

Rest assured, our Support team is on high alert and will be reviewing any queued withdrawal in an extremely timely fashion in order to protect our user’s funds to the fullest extent possible – the level of security you have come to expect from an established leader like

Again, out of precaution, please change your password at the earlier convenience. If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Staff at [email protected].


Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty!

Super Bowl Squares – Live Now! Free 2.5 BTC!!

Bitcoin Super Bowl Squares – Live Now!

For the second year in a row – is hosting 3 different Squares, a Free Version* where we will add 2.5 BTC to the Prize Pool, and 2 paid versions with a price per square of 50 mBTC and 200 mBTCper Square!

* Free is available to any player that’s every deposited (even just 1 mBTC) with us.

Revamped Bitcoin Casino

Announcing our re-launched Bitcoin Casino!

Over the past few months, we’ve made a lot of changes to!

All of our casino games have been completely redesigned. With faster animations, smoother dealing, and cleaner interfaces – never have all your bitcoin casino favorites been so fun to play.

Our Bitcoin Blackjack has been improved with speedy dealing and a cleaner button layout.

Bitcoin Video Poker now possesses a more responsive and rewarding gameplay, highlighting winning hands!

Last, Bitcoin Hi-Lo and Baccarat have been given facelifts to the entire layout, and we now have a quick game-switch header for the page as a whole. We’re working hard to get our revamped Roulette out this week, so check back often!

Play all our Provably Fair Games for free, and when you’re ready to win bitcoin you can play as low as 1 mBTC, or as high as 2 btc! And don’t forget, is the only Bitcoin Casino that offers automated cash-back on losses each and every week!

More Exciting Changes Coming to PeerBet!

In the next few months, we are excited to be doing more overhauls to the PeerBet 2.0 backend and user interface! In the very short term, based on the need to increase speed performance, we’re making changes to the way data is managed, stored and retained. We are also tooling around with and Comet technologies to improve the visualization of the rolls on PeerBet Dice and Wheel, while also adding filters for bet amounts and coin types.

We look forward to seeing you at both and PeerBet very soon! Best of luck!




1 BTC Bitcoin Bowl Giveaway – CFB Squares!

We’re giving away free entry to our Bitcoin Bowl Squares, with a 1 Bitcoin prize pool!

This promotion is available as a thank-you to all players that have deposited with us.

Squares is simple to play: Simply pick a square. On gameday, all squares are revealed, assigning a number from 0 to 9 on each row and column. For the winner of each quarter and the end of the game, we take the last digit of the away team (NC State) for the row, and last digit of the home team (UFC) for the column – giving away 0.25 BTC for each.

As a reminder, scoring functions as a running full-game tally, so if teams both scored a touchdown in the 2nd quarter with a halftime result of 14-14, (4,4) would win, not (7,7).

Join fast, as all 100 spots will fill quickly! Simply register at the following URL:

Upcoming “Leaderboard” Promotions!

We’re very excited to announce a brand new promotion program – leaderboards!

These leader boards will allow our players to easily and automatically compete for prizes based on their betting skills, whether for something selective like the NFL Playoffs, or the entire month!

More screenshots and announcements to come – these are expected to launch within the next week, so stay tuned.




Attention: Bitcoin College Basketball Bettors!

Tonight, Losing Wagers Win a 25 mBTC Comp!

As promised and as is becoming the common norm in Bitcoin Gaming, is hooking up Comps just for playing @ 

There’s NO Catch!

There’s NO Rollover!

Just Free $10 worth of Bitcoin as a courtesy Comp!

Oklahoma @ Creighton

Wake Forest @ Arkansas

Wisconsin Green Bay @ Wisconsin

Cal Irvine @ Arizona

St. Josephs @ Gonzaga

*Min. 25 mBTC, side and total

Tuesday’s Bitcoin Soccer Kickbacks!

Players who wager on today’s International Friendlies Soccer matches have multiple chances to win a 50 mBTC Comp if their bet loses!

All single 50 mBTC wagers (or greater) made on listed Promotional games are automatically enrolled in our “Kickback Promotion!”

USA vs. Ireland  (14:30- ESPN 2)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

USA wins 2-0 or Ireland wins 2-0

Argentina vs. Portugal  (14:30- beIN Sports)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

Argentina wins 3-0 or Portugal wins 2-1

Germany vs. Spain  (14:45- ESPN Deportes)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

Germany wins 2-0 or Spain wins 2-0

England vs. Scotland  (15:00- ESPN 3)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

England wins 2-0 or Scotland wins 1-0

France vs. Sweden  (15:00- ESPN 3)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

France wins 2-1 or Sweden wins 2-0

Venezuela vs. Bolivia  (19:00- beIN Sports)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

Venezuela wins 1-0 or Bolivia wins 3-0

Chile vs. Uruguay  (19:00- beIN Sports)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

Chile wins 2-1 or Uruguay wins 2-0

Peru vs. Paraguay  (20:00- beIN Sports)

All losing wagers of 50 mBTC (or greater) win a 50 mBTC Comp if:

Peru wins 3-0 or Paraguay wins 2-0

Live! Soccer Betting: