Saturday’s Double Dribble includes Two Chances for a BTC Comp!

Double Dribble for Saturday, November 15

Suns @ Clippers

Here’s how to enter:

1)  Bet 50 mBTC or more on tonight’s game.
2)  If that bet loses, you still have a chance at a 50 mBTC Comp:

If Blake Griffin completes any of the following:

A)  Scores 33 points or more
B)  Grabs 14 or more Rebounds
C)  Has 8 or more Assists


If Goran Dragić completes any of the following:

A)  Scores 30 points or more
B)  Has 10 or more Assists
C)  Makes 9 or more Free-throws


We’ll Comp 50 mBTC to all losing individual wagers on the game!

Limit one (1) “Double Dribble” 50 mBTC Rebate per account per day