Week 5 Suicide results & sportsbook statistics!

Things are growing fast here at BitcoinRush.io – We truly appreciate our players, and want to be the #1 best place bet your hard-earned bitcoins – your support and feedback makes that possible!

Suicide League

In our suicide leagues, with the loss of the Falcons, ChalupaBatman becomes the winner of the .25 btc / 2.5 btc guaranteed bitcoin survivor league! Congrats!

5 players were also knocked out of our free league, and 2 out of our .5, 5 btc-guaranteed league, leaving 8 and 3 players left, respectively.

Good luck to those left as the game gets intense!


We also thought we’d share some details from our expanding sportsbook.

-Since the recent launch of parlays, we’ve had 86 parlay wagers already – and 22 of those tickets were winners.

-Between spread favorites and dogs, we’ve 56.28% of players have taken the favorite – no surprises here. However, bucking the trend of the public taking the over, only 44.48% of our wagers on totals have been on the over.

Stay tuned for more #’s to come – as well as our exciting new Hi/Lo game, entering the final stages of development!