NFL Survivor Pool

Free (0 mBTC) Pool

174 Players

5 Players Remaining

Pot: 250 mBTC!

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1 mBTC Pool

100 Players

1 Players Remaining

Pot: 0.25 BTC

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5 mBTC Pool

26 Players

3 Players Remaining

Pot: 0.25 BTC

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  • BitcoinRush is adding 0.25 BTC to each pool; so every pool will have at least a 0.25 BTC prize pool regardless of # of players!
  • A player can purchase as many entries as desired at each buy-in level, except for the Free pool, which is limited to 1 team.
  • Choose one NFL team to win each week. You may not choose that same team again for the rest of the season.
  • Picks are made "straight up", not using a point spread system.
  • Picks are to be submitted by 8PM EDT Thursday each week. If a pick isn't submitted, your team forfeits and is eliminated.
  • All completed picks are published Thursday at 8PM EDT
  • If your team wins, you survive until the next week.
  • If your team loses or ties, your team is eliminated from the pool.
  • The winner is the last team standing at the end of the season. The pot is shared in the event of a tie.
  • The winner(s) receive the entire pot, minus a 5% hosting fee.