Terms of Service

By virtue of registering and playing on BitcoinRush.io, both the user and operators of BitcoinRush.io agree to the following terms and conditions. If you don't agree to any of them, please refrain from using this service. The operators of Casinbitco.in reserve the right to make changes to these terms by changing them here. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, feel free to send us feedback at https://BitcoinRush.io/help-and-support.

Your Personal Information

We will never give out, or sell, any personal information you provide us. All information you provide will be used solely to operate the BitcoinRush.io service.

Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge that the BitcoinRush.io service allows you to gamble in virtual casino games with the virtual currency Bitcoin. Therefore, during the normal course of using this service, you may lose some or all of the bitcoins you deposit. Under no circumstances will the operators of BitcoinRush.io be liable for any of your losses.


In the event that a game malfunctions, all gameplay during the malfunction period will be null and void. The operators of BitcoinRush.io will investigate and refund any bets the user made during the malfunction time period.

While the system is designed to prevent correlated parlays, in the event of a malfunction, any such wagers will be cancelled and the stake will be returned to the user.

Further, in the Sportsbook, any odds which are obviously incorrect will be cancelled and the wager will be returned to the user.

Fair play

If you are found to be cheating, colluding, or attempting to cheat at any game offered by BitcoinRush.io your account will be closed, and the funds tied to the account will be confiscated by the operators of BitcoinRush.io

BitcoinRush.io reserves the right to cancel any sports wager it believes was created in a mischievous manner. This includes but is not limited to (a) creating multiple betting accounts to "max out" a wager, (b) "Middling" bets by betting both sides, and (c) Correlated Wagers (applicable for Parlays).


The vast majority of withdrawals are instant, but some may take up to 6 hours before sending. Larger withdrawals (cumulative over 50 btc in a 10 day period), will be sent in batches over 30 days.

Inactive Accounts

The operators of BitcoinRush.io reserve the right to shut down inactive accounts and recover their funds. An inactive account is defined as a user that has not logged into BitcoinRush.io within 2 months. Before shutting down any inactive account, we will attempt to use whatever information you've provided us to contact you and try to return whatever funds are in it.


Bitcoin is not recognized as a legitimate currency by any country and exists only in digital form. Due to the nature of bitcoin we cannot monitor all user behavior, but we expect users to respect the laws and regulations of their countries. We ask that minors not use the site for gambling.